Tips to Help Increase Your Profits From Google AdSense


Google AdSense is one of the popular Pay Per Click program today. It is believed to be the largest and the best Pay Per Click provider worldwide. Most people around the world keep applying Google AdSense to become a publisher every day. With the eligibility to become publishers worldwide, makes Google as the best Pay Per Click provider around the world.

However many of new publishers do have a little knowledge on how to increase their profits using AdSense. This article aimed to help those new publishers out there to maximize their profits using solely Google AdSense. After become a publisher, the first thing to do is published your AdSense ads on your website. That is not enough, trying to find your friends websites or blogs and asked them to put your AdSense ads on their sites as well. Put your AdSense ads on as many as websites you can, it will help to increase your profits. However, remember before you decide to put your AdSense ads, pleased make sure all the websites followed the Google AdSense Policy and T.O.S.

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Make sure you put your AdSense ads on the website that have good or appropriate keywords for Google AdSense. Using good or appropriate keywords (those expensive keywords) will display good ads in which having good price value and help increase profits to your AdSense.


Submit and share your articles to some good websites such as Hubpages and Bukisa. These websites enables you to integrate your AdSense to your articles. Those websites has millions of users sharing theirs as well. Thus you do not need to worry about getting traffic and marketing your articles. They are very simple and easy way to do and recommended for all publishers. This will help increasing your AdSense profits.

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Make sure you have as much as Google AdSense accounts. Remember that using only one account will not bring you too much profit. Thus, do not ever depending only to one Google AdSense account, instead trying to get as much as accounts you can. This will help you to increase more profits to your income using AdSense.

As you have a lot of Google AdSense accounts, go and make some negotiation to those websites that having good traffic and huge of targeted users to put your AdSense ads there. Although you might shared the profits with the owners of the websites, but still you get profits since you do not need to do a lot of hard work on marketing and getting traffic. Remember that if the websites having good traffic, having huge of visitors, and having valuable keywords, your AdSense ads will have good price value. And it is possible to reached hundreds even thousands monthly. Imaging if you able to negotiate to put your AdSense ads on 4 or 5 popular websites. Absolutely you can make profit and make money from them. As a reminder, make sure all the websites followed the Google AdSense Policy and T.O.S

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Those tips hopefully will helps to increase your profits using solely Google AdSense. As you might have another alternative Pay Per click Provider such as Chitika, Kontera, AdBrite, Etc… but yet you still want to used only one provider to make profits, thus this is the best approached you can do.



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