Vemma Review – Can I Really Make Money With Vemma MLM Home Business?


If you’ve been searching online for Vemma Reviews or the Vemma MLM home business, you know there’s a lot of interest in Vemma. This is good news and means there is a strong demand.

This Vemma review is going to show you how to capitalize on that strong demand and interest and turn it into profit, and more importantly what NOT to do.

Vemma Review: the basics – What is Vemma?


Vemma is a company that markets a product made mainly from mangosteen, minerals, vitamins, green tea and aloe vera, with documented testimonials from customers relieving arthritis and headaches and other inflammation-based symptoms. The company markets its product with the network marketing or MLM home business model, one of the best ways to get a product to market. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, the company offers a home business opportunity to allow those who help market their products to create income.

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Vemma Review – Is the Vemma Compensation plan good?

Vemma pays out based on the binary compensation plan. This is good in that you only need to focus on building two teams. But if your focus is on creating a serious income, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you only need to find 2 people, one for each leg. Most top earners in Vemma will have recruited 100 distributors themselves so if you’re serious about getting results, you need to have the right attitude and approach to really produce results.

What you do NOT what to do is focus too much time on trying to sell the product – unless you want to become a salesperson and get paid like a salesperson and NOT develop any residual income.

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If you want to produce a large income, you need to focus your energy 80% of the time on building a team of Vemma mlm home business builders who in turn will all consume some of the great Vemma product. If you’re focused on building and expanding your team – and your income – your team will duplicate that and your income will soar.

Let the product sell itself so you can focus on making money and max out the full potential of the Vemma compensation plan.

Vemma Reviews: The mistake many distributors make

Many distributors when building their Vemma MLM home business believe they can simply talk to their friends and family to build a large, profitable business. For 99% of people, this unfortunately doesn’t happen – for a number of reasons.

To build a sustainable, profitable business that will pay you for years to come, you need a marketing system in place to help you prospect, present and train your people. Don’t try to do it all yourself – #1 it’s not duplicatable, #2 it takes up too much of your time, and #3 it’s costing you too much money – opportunity cost if nothing else!

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Work smarter by outsourcing your lead capture and follow-up activities, your marketing and lead generation training. Streamline your Vemma MLM home business with systems that are duplicatable to decrease your attrition rate and dramatically increase your income and give you more free time.



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