Website Advertising – ClickBank Ads Vs. Google AdSense Ads


I received a comment on my blog several days ago from a visitor wanting to know if they should incorporate AdSense into their website advertising. I though it was an unusual question because most webmasters automatically incorporate AdSense on the sites.

Maximizing the income potential of your website advertising is an important step when developing your online business. AdSense can help you maximize that income potential but AdSense guide lines limit the number of ads on a page, which is a good thing. Why is it a good thing? Simple, The amount of revenue from AdSense is small unless you have a highly targeted keyword in a very profitable niche. This is one of the major drawbacks with AdSense. That may not be the only reason AdSense has this restriction, but it is the most important reason for you.

I have never been impressed with AdSense money. Of course I have never had a hundred page website to work with either. Although some marketers make good money with AdSense, I always figured that making 5 or 10 cents was not as good as maybe 20 or 30 dollars selling an affiliate product. So this leads me to ask the question, “Can You Make More Money with ClickBank Ads vs. AdSense Ads”?

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I ask this question for a good reason. Website advertising is the backbone of your income. What and how you advertise on your website affects your bottom line and for someone just starting a website, maximizing website advertising revenue is critical. To me, if I’m working to get traffic to my site, then I want a product which will maximize my income potential. So far, I think ClickBank ads will do that.

ClickBank Ads vs. AdSense Ads

• If you use AdSense, you wait to reach a threshold before you get paid. ClickBank ads get you paid on the spot.

• What I personally like most about ClickBank ads is the ability to pick your own exact keywords. This makes my ads totally relevant to my keywords and the particular page the ads will run on. You just can not get all of your pages ranked in the top ten of a Google search. If you are sitting with AdSense on your page and no one sees the ads you want see any money either.

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• With the ClickBank ads, you are sending traffic to a keyword related, product sales page, not just to another website. By going directly to a sales page, it increases your change of an affiliate product sale or leaving your affiliate cookie for a later sale.

• Another bonus with ClickBank is there are no limits on the number of ads you can place on a page. I would not recommend more than two blocks on a page.

I use a simple and inexpensive ad rotator, “ClickBank Ad Rotator”. It makes it easy to put keyword relevant ClickBank ads on each individual page or post.

In the end, you must choose what type of website advertising works best for you. I incorporate some AdSense on selected pages along with ClickBank advertising. Tracking each ads performance, is the only method to determine which ads are returning the most revenue.

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