What Is Google AdSense?


If you are interested in learning how to make money online the first place to start is with Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a simple PPC (Paid Per Click) that displays ads related to your websites content. If you place the Google Ads on your website or blog Google will match the ads to your content then when someone clicks on the ads you will get paid. The problem with AdSense is you need a lot of traffic before you start making decent money. When I say a lot of traffic I mean over a thousand unique visitors each day. There are ways to make money besides Google AdSense such as affiliate marketing. The great thing about AdSense is it makes a great second or third income. It will allow you to make money from the traffic that is not very interested in your website or blog. The traffic that is just surfing usually does not last long and will end up clicking one of the ads off your website.

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If you are interested in making money with AdSense then you will need a few things. The first thing you will need is a web presence that you have total control over. This means that you will not be able to submit an article to an article directory and place AdSense or set up a Squidoo page and place AdSense. You must create a website or blog that you have control over. There are many places that you can set up a presence for free and have control over the ads placed. Personally my favorite two places to set up a free presence include blogger.com and 000webhost.com. Blogger is a blog platform ran by Google that allows you to have a free domain, hosting, and bandwidth. 000webhost.com is a website which gives you free webhosting, but you need to know how to construct websites and upload them via FTP.

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After creating a presence on whatever topic you enjoy it is OK to add AdSense right away. If you want to add Google AdSense got to Google.com/AdSense/ and set up a free account. Setting up an ad is easy just follow the steps then once you get the HTML code copy and paste it to your website or blog. If you chose to set up a blog with Blogger.com adding AdSense is very easy. Go to your Blogger dashboard and click on the monetize link. Blogger will walk you through the AdSense set up and place the ads on your blog for you. Once you get the ads on your website if you want to make money with them you will need to begin marketing your web presence.

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When you begin marketing your web presence be sure that you have unique helpful content on your niche. Content makes marketing much easier. If you have good content on your website when webmaster and bloggers come the will be much more likely to link to your website. Once you have the content then begin building a few links. You can start with directorycrticic.com they have thousands of free general directories which are suitable for build links in any niche. You can also begin submitting content to article directories go to Google and type in “list of article directories”.

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