What is the Suppliers’ Price Trick?

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China has played a more and more important role in the world trading as economy develop. China surpassed the US as the world’s second-largest exporter in the middle of 2006, according to data published Thursday by the World Trade Organization, and the emerging economic giant is pulling further and further ahead.

In 2007, China’s trade with Japan, the world’s second-largest economy, surpassed U.S. trade with Japan for the first time since World War II. Export growth of China outpacing all other major trading countries.

“Made in China” label may be found on many products from all over the world. It is difficult to find a shop in the West that does not sell products with a ‘Made in China’ label. China has overtaken Japan in the last decade to become the largest manufacturer and exporter of consumer goods. It is now the world’s number one producer for more than 100 different consumer products. As most of people know, the products which made in China are usually cheap and of high quality.

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Many foreign buyers search for China’s providers at B2B websites to compare the price until they get the lowest one. Many SOHO and small business owners play trick. They use lowest price to attract customers first and ask them to pay deposit. After order confirmed, they make fraud during the process, such as slight changes in materials or the increase in the sample charge when making models. However, many of Chinese foreign trade enterprises and individuals SOHO have no ability to afford compensation to the buyers for their losses.

Low price can not say every thing, the buyers not only need to consider price, but also has to choose a good supplier. Just as RICHFORTH LIMITED, which not only have the most competitive price, but also can provide first-rate service for you. RICHFORTH is a Sourcing Center which faces to most of the small and medium-sized businesses which accept and welcome all small orders. Even its financial sector have made adequate preparation to afford the losses you may do, this is lots of Chinese foreign trade enterprises and individuals SOHO can not do and avoid the price trick.

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