Why Do Most People Fail at Making Money Online?


Here’s a question, “Is making money online easy?” The honest answer is yes and no. People started learning about making money online a decade ago, since then they have emerged into millionaires, and some have put more into their online business then they have received. There are ways to make money on the internet and there are also ways to pay for something that you will not receive.

When marketing on the internet first became popular, there was no such thing as high-speed internet, only dial-up. Back then it would take hours to submit content and articles to websites, these days it can be automated in a few seconds.

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If you have ever searched for the term “how to make money online” you have probably found many “paid online surveys”, “get 10,000 dollars in 10 minutes” etc. Many people have fallen into this trap. There are ways to make money online, but I can guarantee you that none of those statements are true.


There are some paid surveying websites that will pay you a few cent per survey you take part of, but it is extremely boring and most surveys can take a long time to complete.

The honest truths to those who fail to make money online are those that are lazy and are not willing to put forth the effort. It won’t take long to find an easy method to making money on the internet, but you have to take action to receive any kind of results. Making money online is just like any other job, it is not all fun and games, if you put in the hours you will see the results.

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